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Anorexia & Bulimia

Louisa is highly trained and experienced in helping people recover from Anorexia and Bulimia. She understands the complexity of the illness and the factors that make recovery hard such as the intense fear of putting on weight, the pressure to follow strict rules around food and eating, the sense of achievement and control that you might get when you don’t eat or have that empty feeling in your stomach.

A Team Approach

Louisa takes eating disorders very seriously and understands the medical risks associated with the illness. Louisa has excellent contacts with other professionals who are experienced in treating anorexia including GPs, psychiatrists, and dieticians. When clients have a team around them, they are more likely to recover and less likely to relapse.

Individualised Treatment

Every person and their eating disorder is different. When you work with Louisa, you will receive:

  • A solid understanding of what keeps your eating disorder going.
  • a clear plan about what issues you need to tackle
  • Personalised strategies to help you recover.

The methods Louisa uses have been developed through years of research all over the world and are based on a type of psychology called Cognitive Behavioural Psychology.

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