Dr Louisa Hoey

Louisa graduated with a Doctorate of Psychology (Health Psychology) from the University of Melbourne In 2005.

Louisa is driven to help relieve the burden of disordered eating and poor body image in our society.

Disordered eating is a complex phenomenon because we cannot live without food. If someone sees a psychologist to quit smoking, while this is extremely difficult, ultimately the aim is to never smoke. With eating, you have to face food several times every day. This in itself, makes it a huge challenge for people.

Louisa has been working in the field of disordered eating for ten years. She aims to ensure sessions are targeted towards the individual, that they work towards breaking life-long cycles of emotional eating, poor body image and fear of food. Her sessions are practical – you will get loads of:

• Skills, strategies and tips

• Advice on food and meals

• Handouts

• Homework challenges

Louisa prides herself in her ability to collaborate with other members of treatment teams. Most clients are seeing other people such as a GP, dietician, or personal trainer. Some clients are seeing a psychiatrist and some might have a surgeon if they have had bariatric surgery like a lapband or gastric bypass. Louisa loves to talk to other members of the team, so that everyone is on the same page and the whole team can work together towards a common goal. This is something that really sets Louisa apart from other health professionals in private practice.

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