Have you been fooled?

By Dr Louisa Hoey The diet industry employs clever people The diet industry spends millions of dollars on marketing to convince you that diets will help you lose weight.  They will tell you that their method is different, simple and will give you permanent results. The diet industry would have you believe that losing weight […]

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Mindful Eating Over Christmas

By Lucia Colla With the festive season well and truly upon us and the big day not far away, the pressure on eating is at its highest. Christmas Day can overwhelm the senses and we can quickly become absorbed by the endless supply of food and drink. A relatively new approach to eating (and to this […]

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Pink Ribbon Day Post: The Impact of breast cancer & mastectomy on body image

By Sonia Miller   With Pink Ribbon Day upon us again I thought it would be important to write about the huge impact of breast cancer on women’s emotional wellbeing. There are so many issues that come up for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Emotionally women can feel angry, fearful, and out of control. Some women […]

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I found a breast lump while breast feeding my new baby

By Sonia Miller   Who would have thought I would here those words ‘I’m sorry you have cancer...' For me I was a new mum with a 7 month old trying to get my feet after pregnancy and adjust to a happy and exciting stage of life. After my son’s birth I found a ‘lump’ in […]

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