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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

By Dr Louisa Hoey Is your thinking making you fat? I am consulted frequently by people who want to lose weight. Thanks to the myriad of fad diets out there, it is common for people to think there must be some magic diet or super food that will help them to lose weight once and […]

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How to Cope with a Plateau

By Dr Louisa Hoey So, you have worked really hard at losing weight and have enjoyed getting on the scales and seeing that number slowly but surely go down. How rewarding is that?!?! But now, you notice the loss has slowed right down and it seems that it won’t budge any further. This is a […]

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Bathroom scales: To weigh or not to weigh?

By Dr Louisa Hoey What? They want me to throw my scales out?? Many psychologists and health professionals believe that scales are evil and should be thrown out the window. They argue that scales are unreliable at measuring fat and they can throw your day into disarray all on the basis of an arbitrary number. […]

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Over eating – 5 reasons you can’t break the cycle

By Dr Louisa Hoey Many of my weight loss clients come to therapy hoping that I will give them strategies and tricks to increase their willpower. Society promotes the idea that people who are slim are ‘good’ at being able to avoid ‘bad’ food. However, in my extensive work with disordered eating I would say […]

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Have you been fooled?

By Dr Louisa Hoey The diet industry employs clever people The diet industry spends millions of dollars on marketing to convince you that diets will help you lose weight.  They will tell you that their method is different, simple and will give you permanent results. The diet industry would have you believe that losing weight […]

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Mindful Eating Over Christmas

By Lucia Colla With the festive season well and truly upon us and the big day not far away, the pressure on eating is at its highest. Christmas Day can overwhelm the senses and we can quickly become absorbed by the endless supply of food and drink. A relatively new approach to eating (and to this […]

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